Help Free Leonard Peltier

Please write a letter and pass this on. Thank you!

Please post this everywhere, and forward copies of this email or your own letter to and Congressional Representatives and Senators.

Become part of the history of your own times.
I beg each of you, do it NOW.

Harvey Arden

Dear President Obama;
Please commit a holy act and release Leonard Peltier–US Political Prisoner #89637-13–via executive clemency.

For 38 years he has been torn from his Nation, his family, his grandchildren. He is now 68 and ailing. We plead with you to give him his last few years a free man.

We pray for you and for Leonard Peltier–two extraordinary human beings on this Mother Earth.

We can arrange an Oval Office ceremony with Leonard & close family members present. Lakota holy man Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe, would perform a great forgiveness ceremony with a sanctified buffalo skull right there in the Oval Office. Let this be the great healing Arvol Looking Horse has long pleaded and prayed for.

We would ask that you please invite former Senator Inouyi, who has called for Leonard’s release for decades, Desmond Tutu, who has championed Leonard’s release, and Whoopi Goldberg, who has advocated Leonard’s cause for many years. Tens of millions of informed and good-hearted people around the world join them, many no doubt swelling your emails with their pleas.

Mr. Obama, it is time. Do this great deed.

May God speed your decision.

Harvey Arden , Washington, DC

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