Being Vegan in Ithaca, NY (plus The Guide to the Best Vegan Alternatives)

Great post from the Dreamy Idealist, about being vegan in Ithaca!

Duchess of Vegan

Being Vegan in Ithaca is so easy.  There is a large vegan/vegetarian population, animal rights groups, animal rescues, the famous SPCA was turned into a NO KILL by Nathan Winograd and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation has an office downtown.  Print or bookmark this guide to eat your way around Ithaca.


TIP: Keep in mind that no matter where you’re eating, always tell the person you’re ordering from that you need your food to be vegan to ensure that items are veganized.


SAHARA MEDITERRANEAN RESTAURANT  – located on Restaurant Row (the 100 block of North Aurora Street) off of the Commons (the pedestrian area of East State Street).  They serve Lebanese food in a date-friendly, loungey atmosphere.  The staff allow you to take your time and really enjoy your food, which is always fresh and flavorful.

BONUS: Outdoor seating.


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2 thoughts on “Being Vegan in Ithaca, NY (plus The Guide to the Best Vegan Alternatives)

  1. I am considering a move to Ithaca and have been researching the area. I came across this article and was thrilled to see all the options available! In my town we have Denny’s lol. So really looking forward to going out a lot more…you can only eat a mushy veggy burger so often (barely eatable). Thank you for sharing!!!

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