A few little updates

Cutting tall grass is hard, because it’s full of beautiful singing insects who have made their home there. Apparently our yard is occupied by large numbers of praying mantises. I’d never seen one in person before. They’re lovely little people.

My reusable hemp coffee filter got all gummed up from coffee oils so I hung it in the sun and rain for a few days. Good as new. Thanks sun and rain.

Speaking of sun, since summer started, our solar panels have been producing so much energy we’ve only had to pay for NYSEG base fees and taxes. I believe that means we’re over-producing.

In the mornings I read the news and feel both tearful happiness at the way people are waking up and being kinder to each other, and fearful sadness at the ongoing suffering and environmental degradation still going on every day.

The garden’s just beginning to produce. We’ve had two huge heirloom tomatoes and some basil and a few blueberries. Only one of my new blueberry bushes made it but all three young fruit trees lived (they all got dried out before I planted them, because they arrived right when our new baby did).

I’m still thinking about whether I want to change the name of this blog or stop blogging entirely. I go back and forth between wanting to amp up and integrate my blogging efforts, and wanting to abandon it all and be less visible online. I question whether my efforts are useful or just a waste of time.

Our new little baby is twice as big as he was when he was born, and so strong.

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