Why not use leather?

I used to like leather. I really did. I thought it was rugged and sexy and practical. I liked the smell. But then I fully came to understand that it was someone’s skin, and couldn’t enjoy it anymore. Oddly, this didn’t happen until after I’d been calling myself vegan and otherwise living a vegan lifestyle for several years – I somehow had a blind spot around items I already owned, though I didn’t buy any new leather goods. But then it finally sank in, and the smell became disgusting, when I fully comprehended it. When I feel its texture, I have to wipe my hand off on something else – it gives me the willies. It was someone’s skin. It’s exploitative, macabre. I see it now. It’s amazing how a person can change.

For more about why vegans avoid leather products, read What’s Wrong with Leather? by Christine Wells, at Gentle World.

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