Why I think all guns should be destroyed

I just read this article about the father of one of the people killed in Newtown, testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on an assault weapons ban, and I felt compelled to say, publicly: I think all guns, missiles, and bombs (with the possible exception of internationally-held systems for meteor defense — I think ahead!) should be melted down or otherwise destroyed. Let’s throw mines in there too.

This is why: right now, almost anyone can go out and buy a lot of deadly weapons. If one of them decided to go crazy, or just to be desperate and unhappy and in my area, they could do whatever they wanted to me, because they have a gun. If they only had a knife, or even a bow and arrow (though that would be really, really weird…), I could lock my door and fend them off. But if they have a gun, they can shoot right through my door, my walls, my windows. My only defense from this is to get a gun, myself, but statistics show me that I would be much more likely to accidentally kill myself or a family member than any intruder. I also like to go hiking, and have to put up with whole seasons of the year when people may or may not accidentally shoot me because they’re busy trying to track down and slaughter various defenseless animals. I have had absolutely no say in this whole situation. Basically I have found myself born into a world where people around me feel so strongly about bloodsports and faulty, outdated interpretations of our constitution (last I checked, an assault weapon was nothing like a musket, and a Libertarian does not a Militia member make), and as such, I have to be in daily fear of random violence, and have to feel pushed to join in that violence myself, just to defend myself and my family. That is totally unfair. I’m just using myself as an example here; this applies to all of us. And this is why I think guns have no place in civil society.

Guns are machines made solely to kill sentient beings. That is their purpose. I view them as a terrible mistake, and I hope that some day, we human beings will recognize the error of our ways. Imagine a world where no one ever has to fear a stray bullet. I want to live in that world, and I believe we will not get there unless each of us takes a stand and says NO to this cycle of violence.


2 thoughts on “Why I think all guns should be destroyed

  1. ” If one of them decided to go crazy, or just to be desperate and unhappy and in my area, they could do whatever they wanted to me, because they have a gun.”

    I find this sentiment to be very offensive. People don’t ‘decide’ to go crazy or ‘decide’ to be desperate and unhappy. Desperation and unhappiness are most often conditions of the economic, social, and justice systems that we have created and continue to participate in daily. Until the problems with these systems are addressed, people driven to desperation by them will continue to act out of that desperation, both violently and non-violently.

    The word crazy and the idea that people can choose to not be ‘crazy’ continues to marginalize people with mental health issues, and reinforces the oppression that the justice system inflicts on them.

    I know this article was about guns and why you think they should be destroyed. To be honest my personal beliefs differ very much from the ones that you expressed in this article, but I don’t want to debate the issue of banning weapons. What I want to address is that currently the media and the government are strongly pushing the issue of gun violence by emphasizing the ‘gun’ aspect of it. They are investing large amounts of time and capital to addressing only the guns and not the underlying cause of the violence. If instead this time and capital were invested in solving the underlying issues (mental health, poverty, etc…) then maybe there could be real progress and solutions that help people instead of dividing and marginalizing them.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Let me clarify — I know that people don’t choose to be crazy. It was a turn of phrase; I meant it in the same way I might say “If one of the forests decided to catch fire,” i.e., I’m not saying that a conscious choice was made, just pointing out an unlikely thing that nevertheless could happen. Sorry I didn’t write that more carefully. You’re right, it’s an important distinction.

      I agree that poverty and mental health are both issues that can lead to dangerous situations for some folks and the people around them and that these issues need more attention. But I’m glad that the government is spending some time on gun control, because we’ve neglected it at our peril. The rate of gun-related fatalities in the USA is shocking and unjust; there just would not be as many deaths if we didn’t all have so many guns. They are, after all, machines specifically designed to kill. I’d like to see us evolve away from using violence to solve our problems, and gun control (ideally bans) will help.

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