Video activism opportunity

Shaina Marlene Hurst writes:

Hello everyone in Ithaca NY, is there anyone or people able to help me with a pay-per-view/tabling/leafleting on veganism/animal rights? I plan to set up at the commons for a few days in a row/from morning to end of day in Jan. 2013. I need help with transportation getting to & from the pavilion at the commons. I also need help with you holding sign saying will pay you $1 to view 4min. video, also need help with handing out literature/educating the public on this subject. I will pay for your cost of gas & your time… The video I want to show is from MercyForAnimals/ Farm To Fridge. My literature is from Veganoutreach/mercyforanimals/farmusa/ christianveg/friendsofanimals & myself/links from YouTube.

To get involved, email Shaina at fleurette6554 at

Via Ithaca Vegans group on Facebook

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