Vegan Brunch Potluck – May 1st

Vegan Brunch Potluck, Sunday, May 1, 11 am: Please join Keith and Stephanie at their home for a potluck vegan brunch. Please leave out the animal-sourced foods such as honey, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, and flesh.

If you are new to veganism and don’t know what to make, or are not able to prepare food, please call Keith or Stephanie for suggestions about what to make or what you can purchase from the store (things like juice, but not prepared foods).

Please RSVP: or 607-330-1908.

Location: 403A Hector St, West Hill. Please save our shared driveway for drop off and pick up. Parking is legal across the street and on local side streets. Hopper Pl. is closed at one side so I’m not sure if you are allowed to park there.

Hope to see you then,
Keith & Stephanie

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