vegan housemates wanted for 14-acre communal living situation

This just in:

I am just starting to look for vegan housemates and was wondering if any of you know any that might be interested. The property is in Newfield on 34/96, 7 miles past Home Depot. The place is amazing on 14 acres, 20 4×8 garden beds, 2500 sqft house, 4 bed, and 2 bathroom. I am looking for people who are interested in gardening, trail building, permaculture, dinner parties, canning, livin a very green lifestyle, and etc. I plan on building another one bed apartment in the barn. There is already a commercial kitchen in it where my sister has her business and where I am going to start mine. There may be extra work available there also. I plan on building another structure for housing. More of an earth ship type style. Part of it is already in place. I have pics if anyone is interested. It’s going to be avail May 1st but it can seen sooner.

Email Sean for more information, at!

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