Valentines Day Anti-massacre wrap-up

An update from the defenders of the deer in Cayuga Heights:

Last week’s meeting lived up to its promise to be a “Valentines Day Anti-massacre”. Battling snow drifts and putting aside plans for a romantic evening, local residents came out and filled the Village Hall to beyond capacity, a large number of them offering passionate and well-reasoned opposition to the deer-killing plan that at times seemed to stun the trustees. This was particularly apparent when a blistering critique was read aloud, written by Michelle Poppensiek who resigned from the Village Clerk’s office after observing the indifference of the mayor and trustees to the community’s response to their controversial proposal…

“The stack of letters from citizens sat in the office for weeks, during which time I never had a request to see any of them,” wrote Michelle. “This attitude clearly showed me that the Plan is a done deal to these decision makers, regardless of intense criticism and public outcry, and that no further information or input was needed or desired.” (Complete statement can be found below). Michelle is one of three employees of the Village Clerk’s office to resign in a period of four months. Additionally, the Village Treasurer has announced his resignation, and the Board has now decided to fold his responsibilities into the current Clerk’s position.

Click here for more information on the situation, including what you can do to help save the deer!

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