Cornell released waste from “carcass digester” into city waters – again

Here’s a horrifying story that begs the question, how is Cornell’s veterinary school able to produce quite so many dead bodies so quickly? Cornell released waste from carcass digester into city waters (Rachel Stern for the Ithaca Journal):

The digester combines extreme heat and pressure with chemical digestion to dissolve animal carcasses into two components: a liquid, known as hydrolysate, and sterilized bone fragments.

This is the second accidental discharge from the digester…

Overseers of Ithaca’s wastewater plant have not given the university permission to discharge into Ithaca’s plant. Cornell has been trucking the waste away. (Read the rest.)

Where to, I wonder? Personally, I want to live in a world where terms like “carcass digester” are a thing of the past. How can we make that happen?

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