VIDEO: Cayuga Deer on TV

Cayuga Deer on the Headline News program “ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell” can be watched here:
The video features beautiful photos of local deer, taken by Alexandra Giordano, and Cayuga Deer’s Compassion Parade at the Ithaca Festival.

Some ways that you can help follow. Thanks to Cayuga Deer for offering these suggestions so that the rest of us can support your good work!

1. Please take a moment to thank Jane Velez Mitchell and her team for airing this story. You can contact them here:
We’re sure it will be especially meaningful for them to hear from local citizens who have been trying so hard to stop these killings from happening. It’s also likely that the advocates for killing have mobilized their proponents to flood the show with negative feedback. If Jane and her team get enough positive feedback, maybe they will consider doing a follow-up story if Cayuga Heights gets so far as to begin implementing their proposed mass slaughter of deer.

2. Leave a positive comment on Jane’s Facebook post about the Cayuga Heights deer controversy (and click the “like” button):

3. Share this news story with the people in your network, as well as our new 3-minute video about the local deer whose lives are at risk, called “Shot for a Tulip?”. You can find both these videos at the top of our home page:

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