Cayuga Heights deer issue on national TV!

Tonight marks a watershed moment in the struggle to protect Cayuga Heights’ deer residents from their annual slaughter:

Tune into CNN’s Headline News on CNN’s sister network, HLN, tonight at 7 PM EST, when co-founder James LaVeck will be interviewed on “Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell”.

Our congratulations to the dedicated activists of! Thank you folks so much for your hard work on behalf of our deer neighbors.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition, please do it now – it only takes a moment.

Jenny, James and Eric write,

This amazing opportunity came about through the power of grassroots community. A year ago, a concerned individual in Arizona found out about the impending fate of the Cayuga Heights deer and suggested we set up an online petition (See: ). It now has over 3,000 signatures from people around the world, with more signatures added every day! Last February, another compassionate individual in Puerto Rico heard about the situation here and signed our petition. This person joined the email list, and after closely following our efforts for several months, made a decision to directly contact Jane Valez Mitchell’s show on HLN. Amazingly, they agreed to cover the story!

With your continued involvement and support, this unethical, dangerous, senseless killing program can be stopped once and for all. We’re getting there!

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