Global Vegan Waffle Party this Friday!

There’s a Global Vegan Waffle Party this Friday! Come to the Ithaca party:

Waffle Frolic, 146 E. State St., The Commons
Friday, May 28th

vegan waffle!

As part of a global movement, Waffle Frolic will feature vegan waffle specials and new vegan recipes all day. There will be giveaways and a recipe exchange throughout the day, a Vegan educational forum, and a late-night session with DJ Cutman from 9pm-midnight. Bring the family, friends, and Vegan-curious people for good food, a little learning, and a great party!

I’ve emailed with one of the owners and they’re promoting this website in exchange for us promoting the party. I’m also promoting it because, well, I love waffles. They have all these awesome toppings you can choose from – how can you not love that? Go show them you dig vegan waffles this Friday, and bring your favorite recipes for their recipe exchange!

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