Club Veg Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration

Club Veg is holding a Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration on Sunday, November 22, 4 – 7 pm, at the Varna Community Center on Routh 366 in Ithaca (just past Cornell on the right side).

Please make a reservation by emailing Stephanie at

Cost: In order to cover the community center rental costs, please pay $3 for each adult and $2 for each child. Max $12 per household. Please bring exact change for your family.

Bring: a VEGAN (no meat, dairy, eggs, fish, seafood, gelatin, vitamin D3, etc.) dish to feed 10 people, a complete list of ingredients, including sub-ingredients of things like Tamari or margarine, a serving utensil, a non-disposable place setting: plate, bowl, utensils, cup, and cloth napkin. Please also note that there are people in the group who are gluten-free and soy-free, or may have other food senstivities or allergies. Please mark your dishes accordingly only if you are absolutely sure that your dish contains no gluten or soy, but remember to also list all ingredients. Please no peanuts or peanut products. Make sure to bring your own place setting as we will not have any disposable items available.

Potluck Guidelines: Please be thoughtful of others. Please take a small amount of each dish first time through the line, and make sure you bring enough to feed 10, and if you can bring more, please do. DO NOT USE A SERVING UTENSIL from one dish in another, as this can cause cross-contamination for those with allergies.

Thanksgiving recipes:

2 thoughts on “Club Veg Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration

  1. Happy autumn!
    Looks like I just missed the vegan potluck celebration for both the Animal Sanctuary and Club Veg. Does anyone know of any other vegan potlucks planned on or near Thanksgiving in the general Ithaca, NY area?

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