Farm Sanctuary: A new home for animals rescued from farms

Isadora or Duncan - not sure who! (rescued goat now residing at Farm Sanctuary)I love Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. I brought busloads of kids there when I worked at Cornell University, both my own age and high schoolers, volunteered there with my partner, and know that those visits have played a pivotal role in my veganism going from something I was “trying out” to something I can’t wait to teach to my future children! There’s something special about meeting the animals that being vegan is benefiting. You can know abstractly that being vegan is helping, but it makes that benefit vastly more visible and real when you go and actually hang out with the chickens and cows and turkeys and pigs and other beautiful, sweet animals running around at Farm Sanctuary.

You can visit the Farm, and sponsor an animal or adopt one. On their website you can donate, find action alerts and volunteer opportunities, and get access to the many educational resources and factory farming photos and videos that they offer.

This goat pictured here is either Isadora or Duncan (I’m not sure who, sorry!), one of two goats who escaped from a live market in NYC. You can read their story here.

Anyone have a favorite memory from a visit to Farm Sanctuary, or an experience adopting or fostering? Please post a comment.


One thought on “Farm Sanctuary: A new home for animals rescued from farms

  1. Please register for this year’s Walk For Farm Animals in Ithaca! This is a vital fundraising and outreach event that benefits the animals at Farm Sanctuary!

    This year, the Walk is on October 11. Registration and check-in begins at 10 a.m. at the Pavilion on The Commons, and the Walk starts at 11 a.m. The Walk will begin and end at The Pavilion on The Commons. The 5K route includes passing by vegan-friendly businesses including Gimme Coffee, GreenStar, Food For the Planet, Oasis, Moosewood, ABC Cafe (soon to be reopened under new management and a new name), and Viva. After the Walk, there will be musical entertainment by local folk guitarist, Bill Ring. There will also be vegan food vendors, Free Critter and Emmy’s Organics, selling delicious vegan treats! Finally, there will be an inspiring presentation by Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary, followed by a book signing.

    Hope to see you there! For more information about the Walk, please visit

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